July 24, 2010

home again home again.

If there's one thing I've become an expert on this summer it's traveling.
I feel like I have been traveling nonstop...and I have! I have been on a lot of trips this summer and each trip was at least five days long. Total, I think I've traveled for at least a solid month. 

I came from Boone to Home to San Diego to Home (for one night) to Florida to Home  to New York to New Port to Hyannis Port to Provincetown to Hyannis Port to Boston to Home to Sunset Beach and back to Charlotte.

WHEW. I'm tired just reading that. 
And while all of those trips have been extremely fun, there is truly no place like home.
(I guess Ashley had the same idea on her blog.. WE JUST LOVE CHARLOTTE)
So here is a little insight into the way I feel when I'm almost there...

It's been a long car ride. The traffic was enough to almost put you over the edge and now you're finally in the last stretch of your trip. 

The first few hours you actually enjoyed the ride. The scenery had yet to become monotonous and singing along to your jams on the radio occupied your time. You danced around for a while, talked about anything you could think of, acting way younger than your age and had a good time.

Before you were cursed with car-ride boredom, it was time to stop for lunch and you were blessed with a carb filled burst of energy for the next 45 minutes. SING, LAUGH, DANCE, TALK. And then you hit a slump, but you soon recover by finding animal shapes in the clouds and playing games like contact and categories.

But now, the fun of it has sadly dwindled and you are downright done with the car ride. You just want to be home already.

Charlotte - 19 miles.

Your butt is beginning to go numb from sitting, no matter which way you shift your weight.  You've tried every position available in the front seat but none of them are comfortable enough. (maybe this way..nope. maybe this way..nope. maybe this way...nope. ughhh)

The sun inconsistently beats down on the windows sending your air vents in a seesaw motion; up then down then, up then down.  First you're sweating then you've got goosebumps; temperature schizophrenia.

Your ipod library of 1255 songs has suddenly become "old"  and your sunglasses are killing the sides of your ears.

This speed limit is starting to resemble more of a speed guideline, and it isn't nearly fast enough.

Almost there...


Shift weight. Redo Hair. Change the station. Take off your sunglasses. Change the station. Realize how much you have to go to the bathroom. Try not to think about how much you have to go to the bathroom. Prop up your feet. Shift weight. Sigh. Eat a mint. 

Then suddenly, you're at the exit you've been waiting for - YOUR EXIT.

And the relief washing over you like a refreshing dip in the pool.

 The tension you were feeling in your neck finally loosens. 
You could careless what's on the radio,
the sun shines a little brighter,
the grass grows a little greener,
the chair becomes a little comfier 
and the fact that you had to use the bathroom doesn't even cross your mind 

because you, my friend, are home. 


Ashley said...

I think you nailed that one! I felt JUST like that yesterday! : )

Lindy said...

Bahaha! your a fabulous writer twin! this made me laugh :) I love you! and miss you!