March 26, 2011

Fun weekend, fun times, fun memories.

This weekend has been so fun already and it's only 6 on Saturday night!

I had a crazy week this week. I had a book report due, a poem due, a quiz and two tests! I think I probably spent more time in the library this week then I did in my apartment! But luckily my hard work paid off and I got a B+ on my Bio test! I was really proud of myself because I am NOT a science person so a B+ is really good in my book!

So last night I got to go out with my long lost friend Alexis Arkfeld and some CRU girls! Alexis was in my CRU bible study last year and she just got ENGAGED on tuesday!!! CRAZY! So I wanted to meet up and hang out and hear all about her story! We met at Los for some mexican food and it was delish. But since there were a bunch of people there we didn't talk too much one on one but hopefully we'll get together soon and I can hear more about it!

(she's next to me in the purple!)

After dinner I went over to Lori's with Megan and Caroline for some girl time! We talked forever, attempted to make nutella pastries, failed and then made peanut-butter-chocolate-nutella milkshakes instead. YUM! So rich and so delicious.

We did the cupid shuffle and took pictures and watched Burlesque! It was a lot of fun! That movie was really good, Christina Aguilera is such an amazing singer. I love hanging out with those girls, they're just my fav.

This past week my dad has been on a business trip to Las Vegas so my Mom has been home by herself! I was planning on going home this weekend to hang out with her but Lindy and Mark said they're going home next weekend so I ended up staying so we could all go home at the same time. Since I wasn't coming home my Mom and I decided that we wanted to meet up in Hickory for the day and have some fun!

I love hanging out with my Mom! She is so sweet and I just love her so much! I am so grateful that I can literally talk to my parents about anything and have so much fun just talking and hanging out with them. My Mom is so fun to be around and we have such a good time when we hang out together!

We got chinese for lunch and then headed to the mall right across the road! We shopped around and just browsed through all the stores!

My Mom got me a new yankee candle to hide the thai smell of my apartment and it smells sooo fresh and clean. It's called soft blanket and I'm burning it right now! We were cracking up at all the names of the candles and how strong they we're! There was one called Easter Eggs and my Mom was like "it really does smell like easter eggs"! Hahaha it was funny.

When we were walking around we saw this (not to judge but...) VERY redneck family walking into Spencers. It was a Mom, Dad and probably about a 7 year old girl and as they were walking into the store the Dad said to the daughter "well I guess I can spoil you today!" HAHA! I just thought that was so funny! Here ya go sweetie, go pick something out at Spencers!

I also got two shirts from wet seal! (middle school throw back store, holla!) The first one was on clearance and they had a deal where I could get a second clearance shirt for a penny! Shoot I don't even care if it fits just give me the shirt! Good deal!

After the mall we went to starbucks for a little bit and then headed home! I had the BEST DAY with my Mom! I just love her so much.

Then on the way home I heard Best Day by Taylor Swift and it made me get all teary-eyed haha It's just so important to me to be close with my parents and I love hanging out with my Mom!

I'm probably gonna watch The Fighter tonight and just hang out in my pajamas tonight!


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