March 28, 2011

same bus, different stops!

The past few days a few different things have occurred to me...

(hahaha this picture is really random I just thought it was funny)

1. How weird it is that you can be the same age as someone else yet be at completely different life stages.

I think my whole life I've been pretty behind. Not in a bad way, I've just always been on the lower or later side of things - however you want to put it! (except "blooming" but we won't get into those disturbing details) I was always the smallest, youngest, shortest and I've been the latest of my friends to experience a lot of things.

A few days ago one of my friends, (Alexis who I posted about last time) got engaged! I was just struck by how different our lives are even though we're both (soon to be) 2o year old sophomores.

Here I am with never having had a boyfriend or been in a serious relationship and she has a ring on her finger that is going to be on their for the rest of her life and has found the guy she is meant to be with.

Ashley is only 23 and already has been married and has sweet little David. Lindy is 19 and her and Sean are in a serious relationship and Mark is now 21 and ready to travel the world. And I'm just living life trying to make my way to a big time magazine.

It has a lot to do with priorities and has everything to do with God's plan. It's just important to follow his will and seek out what you think you're meant for and what you think He has made you for. 

I'm still trying to figure it out and even though everyone my age may be on the same bus, we're pulling the rope at different stops.

2. God cut me break this year.

Not gonna lie, sophomore year has been a lot of pouring into people and a lot less of people pouring into me. 

I am so blessed to say that I think God has kind of given me somewhat of the "year off".

I've had a lot of friends who I feel have needed my support and positivity.

 I've had people that have confided in me about confidence issues.
People that have needed a place to live so I gave up my spot.
People that have been wanting a relationship and needed my perspective.
Patience with other people when they needed time to vent and sort out their problems.
People who need my encouragement about God's plan & finding friends.
People that needed me as a christian example.

I think God was like "ya know what Laura, I'm gonna put you around a lot people who could use your encouragement so maybe I'll give you a break from the negativity and loneliness. Sound good?"

I may seem negative to some people but honestly I feel like I've improved at least 75% from last year. My attitude has changed and my outlook on life has changed and my patience has improved. 

God has definitely cut me a break.

3. Overall I'm grateful for this year's unique learning experiences. 

I'm grateful for the hard classes that have made me work my butt off. I'm grateful for having to manage my money from living in an apartment. I'm grateful for awkward situations that have made me learn how to not be awkward. I'm grateful for stepping out of my comfort zone and learning who to value. I'm grateful for everything that didn't work out and everything that did.

Right now, I'm just grateful for it all and I'm going to continue riding "the bus" and praise God at every stop whether it's right down the road or a few hundred miles away.


alexis~noelle said...

Loved our coffee date today! I am so glad for your friendship and to see how God is working in your life. Next coffee date, which will be soon, I want to hear more about your life. I love you!

Lindy Maddox said...

i think you're awesome <3

Ann said...

i read this post and thought about how i can relate to so much of this.