March 10, 2011

spring break '11

Well, spring break is FLYING by! It has been really fun so far though! Here's a recap -

Early Monday morning Caroline and Megan met me and Lindy at Starbucks and we headed off on our mini Charleston adventure! 

After a loud music filled coffee fueled drive we arrived in Charleston! 

We dropped our stuff off at the Hampton Inn which was super nice but we couldn't check in yet so we decided to make our way to King Street. 

Lindy and I are HUGE (I mean HUGE) Groucho's fans after eating there so many times with Ashley at USC so we knew we had to introduce Megan and Caroline to their incredible sandwiches!

O.M.G was it delicious. Nom nom nom. I ate like a pig.

After Groucho's we headed down King Street and went shopping in all the stores that we love like J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and a few boutiques. It was a lot of fun! I got some cute high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters and some earrings from Forever 21!

After shopping & lots of walking we stopped at Starbucks again to take a breather and then headed back to the hotel to check in and rest for a little while!

We had planned to go to Jestine's Kitchen that night for dinner but it isn't open on Monday nights for some reason so we hit up Moe's which never fails to satisfy me! Moo Moo Mr. Cow, yes please. (Plus it was college night for college of charleston so they gave us free drinks!)

That night we were all tired from lots of walking so we came back the hotel and watched Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelor Women Tell All which was fun and relaxing just to be with friends hanging out!

The next morning we woke up around 8:30 and since we had to check out by 11, we went and stole some muffins from the free continental breakfast downstairs and then kept packing our stuff.

After that we checked out, loaded the car and then carried our muffins to starbucks so we could eat them while drinking yummy coffee. We sang the muffin man song while Lindy carried a napkin covered plate across the street.

first starbucks drink with the new logo!

APP friends!

being goofballs.

That afternoon we did a lot more goofing around, walking, touring and sightseeing! It was really fun!

Thankfully, the weather was really nice that day so we walked all the way down to the water! It was extremely windy but it was gorgeous. It's so refreshing to see water after being surrounded by mountains all the time at school!

After walking to the water we went and looked around in the Market! It was fun to see all the handmade crafts and trinkets and just browse around for a little while!

Since we didn't get to eat at Jestine's Monday night, we decided to go there for lunch! It was SO GOOD! I got a fried shrimp basket with mac & cheese and slaw. Um, yum! I ate so fast and it was SOOOO yummy.

After Jestine's we walked down to a consignment vintage store called the Trunk Show and browsed around all their vintage clothes. It was really fun to look at all the old school stuff!

After that we went back to the hotel and hung out there for a little while because Caroline had a sorority phone call to make and Lindy had to work on a blog post.

Around 5 we headed back home to Charlotte! On the way home we got in a lot of good jam sessions and some girl talk and after a few directionally challenged detours, Lindy and I wanted to show Caroline and Megan the USC campus since they had never been there. (I know, we act like we went there, were just awesome sisters) We showed them around the sorority houses and pointed out where Ashley and Mark lived while they went there. 

After that we headed to Andy's which is another scrumptious Cola restaurant (pretty much just like Grouchos) and got dinner there. Then we cruised home to Charlotte! It was such a fun trip!

Then last night Lori, Megan and I went and saw the Adjustment Bureau. Don't see it, it's not worth ten dollars. But it was super fun to hang out with them! 

We played dance central and then Lori got to spend the night which was really fun since we hadn't hung out in Charlotte yet. We colored (cause college kids like to color too), talked and watched TV!

We even looked up our spring break dates for next year and our trying to plan a trip to go to NYC and stay in the APP loft which would be SO FUN!

I'm so glad my closest school friends are from Charlotte, it makes it so much more fun! Only a few days left of spring break 2011 so I'm trying to make the most of it!

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