March 18, 2011

spring fever!

This spring I'm looking forward to...

sunshine filled afternoons
painted toes that aren't covered by socks
cold coffee drinks instead of hot (doesn't that look delicious!?)
trips to the parkway!

Summer classes with Lindy at ECU!

warmer nights, blending into your surroundings.

shorts and skirts...though my paleness may blind people.
fruit - it just tastes better and I enjoy eating it more when it's warmer outside
walking to class, it's a lot more enjoyable when it's not snowing, raining or freezing!
All the pretty flowers that are in bloom!
Eating icecream and not feeling kind of weird because it's below 40 outisde

and last but not least...
being one step closer to



Lindy said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYY!! I'm looking forward to all that tooooo! :) especially you coming to ECU! Go Pirates!

Betsy said...

Me too!!! All of that sounds so good right about now! :) Love you!