March 16, 2011

poem + song = pong (incomplete)

You wonder why I let love end
you've got no company but the moon

Ain't history a loyal friend
to repeat itself for you

To bad the past is all you have
my memories aren't too fun

It'll get boring all alone at night
with your number down to one

You must get tired of the same old blues
a record with a broken tune.

You treated me like a pawn to play-
your ego big enough for two

No use in feeling bad for me
it's a waste of time for you

So I'm putting on my armor now
and preparing for a fight

I'm knocking down your castle walls
no use in being polite...

What could I do, what could I do
but curtsey, grovel and bow down to you

A King at his throne a puppet to own
always waiting to cut these strings

Maybe one day your pity won't look as pretty
as the lies you spun to me.

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