March 14, 2011

praying for Japan

This morning I woke up and Lindy sent me a blog post to read about a Model who was in Tokyo while the Tsunami and Earthquake hit. I read about the way she ran out of her building and saw the light posts shaking in the middle of the street.

I then watched a video that capture the Tsunami as it came crashing down upon cars, rolling over buildings and flipping over boats.

Can you imagine sitting there watching the wave racing closer and closer? It scares me just to think about it. It sounds so much like something out of a movie but this is the reality of thousands of people.

It is disasters like this that make me wonder what God was thinking when he made it happen. I know he does everything for good but what good could possibly come of this?

Something he created that can appear so beautiful and peaceful can cause destruction with immense devastation.

Japan needs our help right now and one of the best things to do is pray.

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