April 14, 2010

In HIS hands

Forecast today; storms of doubt.
Gray clouds funnel through my mind
and I find myself lost within them.

Suddenly Im unaware of direction;
I stare down at my compass to see it steadily spinning round and round.

My breath catches... I've lost my path.
The path I so carefully mapped out in my mind.
I feel my knees buckle and as the compass falls to the ground, it shatters.

My plans come to rapid halt.

Everything I had ever wanted.
Everything I had ever arranged.
Everything I had contrived, was nothing.
Nothing but shards of glass and illusion.

In the dirt, I kneel; broken and in a daze
and in my darkest hour I fearfully acknowledge you're presence.
artist of all existence.

You pick me up in your sturdy arms
and brush the dirt off my face.
With forgiveness and promise you set me on a new path;


With the map I once treasured laying far behind, the world finally spins into focus.
And as I walk forward I am certain about the future because I know
you're near, and you will make my paths straight.

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