April 29, 2010

summer, where are you?

tired + no motivation + ready to be home + exams + ADD like symptoms + no sleep = me.
I don't just want summer...I NEED summer.


- Mom & Dad hugs.
- Hanging out with Mark, Lindy and Ashley; they're my favorite people in the world.
- Seeing rocky; my crazy lovable demon possessed dog
- Going to eat at charlottey places aka cajun yard dog, the penguin, showmars, la unica and anything chainy that we don't have up here in nowheresville.
- To be able to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt and not get goosebumps on my legs when the wind blows.
- Going to the pool where I can lay out and feel the sun soak into my skin.
- Relaxing on my pack porch
- Getting to see my grandparents that I miss so much
- Starbucks. yum.
- The smell of sunscreen
- Driving with the my windows down, sunroof open, sunglasses on and my music blaring
- Sleeping in until I can't sleep anymore and then staying in my pajamas until I go to bed the next night
- Hanging out with my high school friends
- Nights where its the perfect temperature outside and you feel like you can blend into your surroundings
- Being able to make harry potter jokes with the fam
- Playing cards, reading magazines, having random conversations and debates at the dinner table
- Sitting and talking at the barstools in the kitchen while my mom cooks dinner
- Watching cash-cab, jeopardy, king of queens and wheel of fortune together
- Catching up with my neighbors
- Trips to the beach
- Everything about being home: family, friends, food, free laundry. HOME.


please pray that I do well on my exams! Only a few more days and THEN I'M HOME!!!!

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Lauren Kelly said...

There really is NO place like home. Good luck on your exams!!! :)