April 26, 2010


Unfortunately it is quite a dreary day here in Boone. As the rain pours outside the window I am once again holed up in Beanstalk drinking an iced Mad Monk. I'm jamming out to my coffeecoffeecoffee iTunes playlist and my feet are propped up on a plush leopard ottoman.

So today, as I sit here (procrastinating; my specialty) I've decided to take a road-trip (or blog-trip) to London, England. I have been to London once before but that was my sophomore year of high school, so I think it's about time to venture there again.

Heres a few things I would do on my dream trip to London.

(p.s. money doesn't matter on this trip...oh wouldn't that be nice)

I'd stay in the posh Browns Hotel in London and sleep in a King size bed all to myself. Ah, bliss.

I'd wake up and put on the cutest, most Londoner outfit that I can manage. Then I would stroll around London looking like I stepped out of J.Crew Magazine - just like this girl.

In the mornings I would grab myself a latte (duh, how else do you start off the day?) at Caffe Vergnano, a local coffee shop on Charing Cross road. This coffee shop may frequently be passed over by the muggle eye, but I would shuffle in and take a seat next to the wide glass windows. Propping open the current book I'm reading I'd carelessly munch on a blueberry muffin and I'd sip the decadence that filled my cup. Delicious.

In the afternoons I would take a trip to Crockatt & Powell, a quaint little bookstore. I'd read for a few hours, forgetting the time.

One day I would take the Harry Potter tour and visit places like the Leaky Cauldron. I'd pretend like I was a witch and it would most likely be my favorite activity of the entire vacation. (this is the real door - I've been here! yay!)

There would be days that I would shop and shop and shop until my feet wanted to fall off. I'd bring along my stylish British friend that I had met on my 8 hour flight. We'd become the best of friends and I'd end up spending my entire trip with her. Then one night when I am picking up dinner to go, I'd meet a handsome brit. He would have perfect teeth and impeccable style. He would show me a marvelous time and we'd hold hands on the London Eye.

Hmm. Back to reality.

Oh how I wish I was in London... but I'm not and I have a lot to do in the real world. Study, study, study.

I'm hoping to go abroad there one day though. Cross your fingers for me!

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Betsy said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you! After reading this, I want to go too!!!