April 22, 2010


For some reason I QUEEN.

It's kind of weird since both of my parents aren't big fans but for some reason I love their music. ( I like to believe that I appreciate rock and roll)

this is how I got introduced to them -
I remember it was one of the last days of school in like 7th or 8th grade and my teacher let students bring in their own CDs for our class to listen to since we didn't have any more work. One guy in my class brought in one of Queen's greatest hits CDs. He put on Bohemian Rhapsody first (which I knew somehow, but I didn't realize it was Queen) and then the CD continued playing and for some reason I loved it and went out and bought their greatest hits CD right after that. LOVE.

Well anyways, when I was in High School I was in a creative writing class and then senior year I was on the Literary Magazine staff so I always had the chance to write poetry when I wanted to. We would get topics to write about and I didn't realize how much I would miss writing until I got here. So, today I'm gonna write a poem using titles of Queen songs; who knows how it'll turn out.

Rock and Roll Love

"We will rock";
You spoke these words with such fire
uncontrollably I gave you weak smile.
It was our turn; we were dead on time, here to win.
And I was your killer queen, dancer, devil on the drums.

You had me wound around your finger;
whenever was convenient for you, I was there.
But your guitar served as somebody to love and
you held it with grip tighter than you ever held me.

I took the stage, death on two legs.
Though barely alive, near you, I was a kind of magic.
I was enamored by you.
Your face was the hammer to fall right through
the glass around my heart.

Staring at you, bicycle races filled my intoxicated mind.
Over and over thoughts of us pedaled in my head.
I'd given my life to you,
but was it all worth it?

Something ludicrous had captured me;
a crazy little thing called love.
You were my prince of the universe,
my scandal.
We each had a part in a rock and roll love.

Headlong drugged by you, you held me together
but only you could keep yourself alive.
I lived in a tale of unrequited love.
You're my best friend, and though you tried, you couldn't fool me forever.

So you left me.
You took my shattered heart and handed it to me, barely beating.

And now i'm alone;
all dead, all dead,
sleeping on the sidewalk.

And though you broke me, I want you back.
Why is it that pain is so close to pleasure?

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