April 17, 2010

Lindy is my best friend, most incredible twin and amazing person you will ever meet.

We get a long better than anyone I've ever met.

Shes my other half


I wrote this poem about being a twin because although its a ton of fun, it does have its ups and downs

(Obviously this poem is a hyperbole of my life but it does have some truth behind it)

My Reflection; My Life

She learns, I learn.

She grows, I grow.

A mirror image has imprisoned my life.

I long for an exclusive personality.

Mine...mine only.

Selfish? ...To you it may seem that way;

you - a person born without your own personal duplicate.

Do I even have my own qualities?

My own name?

My own life?

"Hi We're (fill in the blank)"...

And yet I muse... who am I if not part of her?

I AM her.

She makes me complete.

My built in best friend, my other half.

The one person I'm not sure I could live without.

But sometimes, (even though it hurts her when I say it)

I feel like I'm not my own person;

Me and her are a packaged deal, two for the price of one.

We find ourselves in a never ending competition without a price in the end.

All I have to do is relinquish the right to my personal choices;

after all, I have her to make them for me.

And though it can be tough;

she finishes me.

Without her I'd be nothing;

a lifeless shell in search of the unavailable.

Interchangeable, replicas, identical, synonymous.


She lives, I live.

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