February 19, 2011

fun night!

Last night I went over to Lori's for some girl time! We made some yummy tacos! I ate three of them... they were so delicious. They were college style though, the only thing we bought to put on them was cheese haha oh college & money...what a drag.

(if only..)

We were trying to be "frugal", So I brought over cookies and frozen chicken, then we split the cost of a taco kit and mexican cheese.

We did want to make a least one fun thing though, so we made up the ingredients to the now famous Laura sunrise.

You're probably wondering what a Laura Sunrise is...well...It's pretty much the most delicious drink ever.

1 can Welch's orange, pineappe, apple frozen concentrate
lots of Ginger Ale
A few splashes of Grenadine
Lots of crushed ice

and BOOM! You've got yourself a Laura Sunrise (and probably a few cavities)...delish!

<- tasted like that.

Before I came over, Lori had texted me and told me to bring my journal from our Lady in Waiting Bible Study. We were being the ultimate girls and while I was over we both made a list of qualities we would want in our dream guy, (we're so cool) it was actually kind of hard! 

here are a few of mine..

1. make me laugh, like shoulder shaking crying laugh, not just a pity laugh.
2. be athletic, play sports with Mark and my dad and have a competitive spirit
3. appreciate my nerdiness...harry potter, reading, twilight. all that stuff.
4. force me to get out of my comfort zone...literally, force me. I know I'll appreciate it later!

Those are just a few and hopefully they will come true in the very near future!

After that we watched The Holiday (fast forwarding through the Kate Winslet parts)
and ate some peanut butter cup cookies that I had brought over from my apartment! 

It was a fun, girly night!


Ashley said...

That sounds like so much fun! I want to go back to college and hang out with my girlfriends! No fair! : )

Lindy Maddox said...

That sounds like alot funn! I want cookies! Yum! I wish I would've been there! :)