February 28, 2011


For my poetry class we were told to write an object poem of something unexpected so I chose tuna..aka one of my favorite things ever. We had to have a certain number of syllables per line which was kind of hard but I think it turned out good!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, nothing compares to a tuna melt... but anyway, here's my poem!


Tin can like cat food,
smelly, soggy, squished.
Patterns - pink and tan
matching my tiny fingerprint.

The stench that I smell
so salty and sharp,
coats the room like a pungent paste
but I do not flinch.

Blanketed with cheese,
melted cheddar snow
from the sizzling heat
of my plugged in toaster oven.

Clothed in slick seaweed
crispy with a crunch
battered but without any harm
though sprinkled in zing.

A prey to felines,
the star of their dreams.
Swimming and swishing
proudly crowned “chicken of the sea”.

Please stray from planets
mercury, I mean.
I’d rather you stay closer to earth,
like in my stomach.

Fins flick and shimmer,
with insides so pink,
a bright splash of life
behind metallic robot scales

My breath begs, “please no”
but my stomach growls
I lick my lips - prepare to pounce
Tuna, Mmmmm, Tuna.


Lindy Maddox said...

:) i really want some tuna now.

Ashley said...

Haha I love it!! AND I CAN EAT TUNA AGAIN!! : )