February 09, 2011

lets pause and be materialistic for like 2 secs...

here are some things I'm wishing for...

UGG boots! I don't have any and it is FRIGID here! They're really not that cute but they're so warm (the few times I stole Lindy's and my old roommates) I could definitely use some for my tiny frozen toes!

Some  legit Ray-Ban sunglasses

lots and lots and lots more scarves

contacts haha and some funky new glasses

to rock the sheer trend

I've been wanting a "stylish" raincoat and I can't find one anywhere! All the ones I've found have been super expensive but the one I have right now makes me look like a green box. 

I want some new jeans especially ones that I can wear with my cowboy boots! A lot of my jeans don't fit anymore and I'd love some designer ones. (yeah right) 
I also want some high waisted pants! I think those are really cute! 

I also like the oxfords in that picture! And I want some lace up wedges like these

I still really want a bathtub pillow. hahah

I want some cute skinny belts!

I also want another blazer

a new hair color...I kinda wanna go redish brown auburn even though I'd never do it

a short sequin mini dress

a date with Adam Levine. MmmmmMMMMMmmmmm.

a cute flat in NYC or London

and a tall raspberry white mocha from Starbucks of course!

1 comment:

Lindy said...

i want all these too! lets drop out of school and buy it all with our college tuition money!