February 21, 2011

special someone.

This morning when I checked facebook I saw that my friend Caroline had posted a link to Steven Furtick's blog. I clicked on it to read what he had said and I was surprised when I felt like it was written perfectly for Lori Caroline and I who are each struggling with being single right now. It read:

There’s a lot of advice I could give to single and dating people.
Happiness is not finding the right person. It’s being the right person.

There’s only one half you’re responsible for right now. And that’s your half. 
Stop looking for the person of your dreams and start becoming someone another person is dreaming about. Make someone else’s dreams become a reality.

Isn't it crazy how God can do that? Put something in front of you that just shouts "Hey you! Yeah, you. God planned on you reading this"
Lately I've been thinking about a lot of the couples that I know in college. It's shocking to see how a lot of them spend so much time together that they have no concept of who they are when they're apart. 

Who are you when your not sleeping in the same bed every night? Who are you when you get dinner and can't get it with each other? Who are you if your "special someone" wasn't always right there next to you?
They find their value and their worth in the arms of the person that they're with and use "our" as their pronoun of choice without even thinking twice.
College is one of the best opportunities to become your own person. You're given so many chances to define who you are in your beliefs, religion, friendships, academics, politics, you name it - you can figure it out in college.
Sometimes it hits me how blessed I am to have these 4 years (or at least these two, who knows) to devote completely to God and to myself. I'm as free as I'll ever be right now. I can try new Churches, make new friends, spend time reading Harry Potter and watching chick flicks and not have a care in the world about someone feeling like I'm not paying enough attention to them. 
At this point I can be anything, move anywhere, do whatever I want!

I'm slowly becoming the person who God has planned for that final someone. And as long as I keep my standards high, I'll have no heartbreak, burdens or baggage to bring into that relationship.
As important as it is to be in a relationship, this is YOUR life. It belongs to you and you have the power to direct it in any direction you want to go. Stop thinking about your boyfriend, girlfriend or when you're finally going to get one and start thinking about GOD.
If your will to please God out weighs your will to please others, everything will fall into place.


Ashley said...

So true! You are blessed! I liked this post. : )

alexis~noelle said...

Love this Laura! This is so true!

Sweet, Sassy, Southern and Classy said...

This was great. If you don't follow @thesinglewoman on twitter you should. One of my favorite quotes was "You don't have to have a significant other to have a significant life." Helped me SO much, so I thought I would pass it on :)