February 14, 2011

girl time > valentines

Over the weekend I got to go to Blowing Rock and Woodlands with two of my bestest friends, Lori and Caroline!

They are both such sweet Christian girls. I love that we all have the same morals & values and can talk about ANYTHING. I have so much fun with them and don't know what I'd do if we weren't friends!

While we were in Blowing Rock we sat on the swings, got fudge & chocolate from Kilwins, went into Neaco (my favorite blowing rock store), drank sweet tea until our teeth wanted to rot out and had some delicious BBQ!

I love hanging out with them too because we are all single. It's so comforting to have friends who are going through the same things as you and don't want to lower their standards to have a boyfriend either. We all bonded over our valentine-less valentines days and drank our problems away with mason jar after mason jar of sweet tea. When we were sitting at dinner we started talking about how weird it's going to be to look back a year from now and see how much has changed.

Who knows what could go down a whole year from now! We're gonna go to Woodlands Valentine's weekend next year and see how far we've come! Who knows, maybe it could be a triple date! (fingers crossed)

I'm hoping that, next year, instead of snuggling in bed with a bachelor, a gossip girl and some pretty little liars

I'll be doing a lot more of this

and this

and this

instead of this haha

At least I got some stuff from my mom and my sweet friend megan

But I'm not gonna let my singleness get me down! That's more money in my pocket and less pressure to get a good gift. So here's to being single and free and a hopeful, romantic future! HAPPY VALENTINES! 


Ryan said...

Happy Single Valentines Day!!!

Emily said...

Happy Valentine's Day! It is over rated!! Even if you're in a relationship school and other things get in the way of the holiday! Glad you had fun! xx