December 06, 2010

Another Mountaineer Winter

The sunshine of Boone has turned to snow
funneling downward in white snowflake spirals.
It's time for another semesters ending
and the brisk winds of a new beginning.

Our winter coats have become habit
to brave the cold and sloshy
footprints of people who walk ahead
and those who walked in the past.

My eyes stream from the wind
and the snowflakes glitter in the light of warm windows.
Just another day to mark on the calendar
of class, coffee and college textbooks
covering the tables in crossroads and the library.

Another block of time's gone by 
spent making memories that will last until
the color of the snow has spread to our hair
and we'll laugh as we speak of how we
walked to class up hill both ways
in the frigid temperatures of early December.

As we approach the second decade of our life
we're older in our days yet still possess that
same reckless abandon and occasional stupid decision making that comes
with new friends and unfamiliar surroundings.

We play cards on the couch
drink hot chocolate 'til the sun sets and
watch football on metal rows
that hold the hundreds of people who have also braved
this terrain for just another education.

But another education isn't what it's about...

Less then half of our time has gone by but
I can't help but feel that it's going to fast.

So I stomp the snow off my boots
find a friend to talk to in library
post another picture on facebook
and cherish the memories to come

And as the snow spirals once again
and our time here gets shorter
I'll find the silver lining
in good friends and wool socks to warm
these frigid days of winter.

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Lindy said...

I <3 this! good job :) It makes me wanna go to app!/glad im not freezing my butt off!