December 28, 2010

my future.

" It's YOUR future"
These words send butterflies into my stomach
and get me mind reeling with the anticipation of
journeys and accomplishments that only exist in my wildest dreams.

A lot is left to experience
and there is a tide pulling me back and forth;
to leave home or to stay here
to bind myself to family or
to tie myself to travel.

I grab my suitcase and excitedly 
pack it full of aspirations and dreams
and glance down at the map in my hands that reads
"go wherever you want and be whoever you wanna be" 
in a shiny permanent ink.

This is my decision sitting right here in my hands. 
I'll hop on a plane and soar
over bright blue oceans, break through clouds
that loom over the London skyscrapers,
make a pit stop in the Big Apple
and glide over the Rocky Mountains.

I'll look back at the stress of college decisions
and laugh at the how the puzzle
fits together without a hitch.

On my own I will venture to places that
will continue to make up the building blocks
of who I am as a person. 
I'll meet friends that will make a lasting impact
on me and I'll have adventures that can never be replaced. 

I'll get my feet wet doing things I love to do
I'll excel in my own area of expertise
and look out the window of a place that
I picked out for a future all my own. 

I'll drink coffee from cafes around the globe
ride trains that stretch across Europe
watch the clouds' reflection in a sapphire sea
and be content with wherever I am.

"It's YOUR future,
go wherever you want and be whoever you want to be. "

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