December 13, 2010


Tomorrow night I have a phone interview with Charlotte Style Magazine at 8:05 (random time, I know)

It would be for an editorial internship position!

I'm so nervous! Interviews freak me out but at least it's only over the phone!

I'm crossing my fingers that I get but I'm not getting my hopes up because I know that I'm only a sophomore and am lacking in the experience area.

It would be so awesome to get it though because it would bring me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams of living in Boston or NYC and working at a magazine.

Wish me luck!


NolteGirl said...

Laura! This is amazing! Good luck girl, praying that you get to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

Jamie said...

That's so awesome! Good luck :), go in with positive thoughts, girl. You got this. Kick some ass.

Cute blog, following you :)