December 11, 2010

I need your opinion...

So, I don't know what to do.

here's the situation:

I'm not completely happy with APP right now.

1. I'm not completely happy with my friends - 
They're dwindling. Partly because of my lack of effort, but partly because I realized that some of them weren't really what I needed. Some of them are wearing on my nerves because of the major differences in morals and attitudes. Some of them are just busy. Some of them are good.

But I really don't have that many friends and I don't feel like it should be that way, college is like your last opportunity to make that group of really close lets-go-do-something-crazy-and-fun friends.

2. I have a bizzzzzillioonnn hours left
Because I'm double majoring and minoring I'm really behind. I realize that won't change no matter where I am but it's definitely a daunting task in front of me.

3. The guys here aren't my type. Now I know that seems stereotypical because I haven't met every single guy here but APP breeds certain types of guys. There's the pot head guys, the frat guy/drink every night jock guys and then there's the "I'm gonna walk barefoot in the snow and repel down a cliff" outdoorsy guys.

None of those are really at the top of my list...
I know God will provide me with a guy wherever I am but maybe he's just waiting for me to realize that I need to go somewhere else.

4. I haven't found a christian ministry or a church that is a good fit for me. The entire churches here are like smaller then just the youth group at carmel. Church should be about God and praising him no matter the circumstances but I can't find the motivation to dig my car out from the snow when I know I won't get anything from the speaker.

Christian ministries are hard to find too. Cliques don't go away after high school. A lot of the ministries start really late and I want to go with at least one person I know so I don't walk in there by myself. I definitely know I need to keep looking

5. I'm not involved.
Sorority = fail
Christian sorority = fail
The Peel literary magazine= fail
CRU leadership position = fail

6. There's no starbucks or target...
haha just kidding...but really.

I mean, obviously there are positives. My apartment, the friends that I do have, the weather, the food here, the fun memories, it's really a great school, I love the school.

I just don't know about the experience as a whole.

What would you do in my situation?


Ashley said...

Go with your gut. I'm all about the gut feelings. Keep in mind that if you were to transfer, it would still be very difficult to find a group to fit in with because everyone has already established their friends. But if you're unhappy enough that you are dying to leave, then leave!

Chloe` Wright said...

I'm in the same boat sweet Laura....hang in there and enjoy a break at home to clear your head. I will be praying for you!!!!

Ann said...

i think every school has their pros and cons. in fact, i don't think any school can be an exactly "perfect." i would do what you think will golrify the Lord.

Michelle said...

I transferred after my freshman year and don't regret it for a second! I just wasn't happy where I was and knew I couldn't go back or keep it up enough to pretend like I was happy there. I won't lie, I never made great friends at UNCC, it was just more like I had a few friends in my classes and then my friends outside of school were separate. Mark transferred, talk to him! Look at where you might want to go, and make the best decision for you. Ashley's right, go with your gut :) Merry Christmas Laura!!!