November 16, 2010

beyond excited

So kids, today I had a meeting with the head of the Graphic Design department and he threw the punch that helped officially shatter my dream of being a graphic designer. 

Long story short he used a lot of curse words, told me to "be the goat", asked me to imagine having a rich uncle James who died and gave me his fortune, decided I should be a magazine editor and then when I left the room he told me to call him when I'm rich and famous. 

It was bizarre.

But in the end he helped me realize that graphic design wasn't actually my dream...
Writing is! I love writing, spend my free time doing it and am really relieved to be dead set on my major. YAY!!!

So on that note, I'm kind of beyond excited about my schedule for next semester.

POETRY WRITING CLASS - awesomely amazing - it won't even feel like work

WHAT IF HARRY POTTER WAS REAL - Need I say more? I'm crossing my fingers we will get sorted! AH that would be WICKED.

BIO - I hate science but the rate my professor site says he's a great teacher and there's no attendance policy - aka perfection.

2 COMM classes - Comm Ethics and Mass Comm, they probably won't be the most fun classes ever but at least finally getting into my major!

and the cherry on top is...



Ryan said...

Glad it all worked out!

Ashley said...

I am so jealous of you. I heart college, too! Can we switch places for a day or two...or ten?