November 18, 2010

don't you come back no more...

Empty Handed

Hit the road Jack...

The irony of your name
is not lost upon me
as the car backs down the driveway,
runs over my future
and leaves me in solitude behind your wheels.

I know it is best for you to leave

but loneliness is beating me up
and the strikes upon my heart
have my emotions
waving their little picket signs
demanding your return.

Deep down all I want to do
is charge after you
and send that
way too familiar
electric current
running up your arms

but my roots have
buried themselves into the ground
unconsciously reinforced from a childhood
filled with repetitious reminders
about self control.

So with nothing but my independence
I'm  left stranded on the asphalt
where my shattered dreams of us
lay cold and lifeless 
in tiny metal pieces.

Carelessly I pick them up in my hand
and with all my effort
toss them where you should be.

After all,  it's not my game we're playing...

it's Jack's. 

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Lindy said...

Ewwwww i like this! your so good :)