November 03, 2010

wanted -



Its always been hard for me to feel like I belong and I don't really know why. 

Too picky about my friends? Maybe.
Introverted? Kind of.
Outgoing? When you get to know me!
Sarcastic? Always.
In need of friends? Definitely. 

"In contrast to how a child 


in the world, 

adult belonging is never as

 natural, innocent, or playful. 

Adult belonging has to be chosen, 

received, and renewed.

It is a lifetime's work..." 

-John O'Donohue


Lindy said...

I <3 you!

Chloe` Wright said...

aww laura! I know the feeling my dear, please, lets hang out soon....i've been a terribly scattered friend lately :( I still want to see your beautiful apartment to check things out for next year and to hang out of course!!!!

Ryan said...

I completely understand its difficult to find a solid group of christian friends while your in college. I've been reading your blog for a while now....I came across it while doing some research for a journalism class. We were trying to find blogs/blogger people that had similar interest.

Carrie B said...

Wow, you just described my son exactly. Hmmm He's a freshman at USD. Are you close? Cuz he loves a good hug too. :)

lkm said...

Ryan - Yeah definitely, making friends is always hard.
I'm considering Journalism major. Do you go to APP?

Carrie, I'm in Boone NC so it's not too close haha! But you can't beat a good hug! :)

Ryan said...

You should definitely do something with Journalism/Creative Writng. Its obvious you have lots of potential with writing.