November 08, 2010

what I want want want.

I want to smile
until my cheeks hurt.
I want to laugh until water 
pours out of my eyes.
I want walk in the wind
and squint my eyes in the sunshine. 
I want to drink coffee
that smells like the holidays.
I want to light a pine scented candle
and pretend like I live in a Christmas tree.
I want to lounge around in my comfiest pajamas
and sit un-lady like on the couch.
I want to scream in my head when
I'm angry even though I'd never do it in real life.
I want to waste time reading books
and just sit there and stare into space.
I want to eat food that fills me up
even though it's bad for me.
I want to fantasize about New York City
and having Starbucks in my hand.
I want to drink apple cider
and then tea, and then coffee again.
I want to put on socks 
while I sleep.
I want to watch Gilmore girls every day at 5
even though I've seen every episode.
I want to procrastinate
because I'm good at it.
I want to pretend like I'll exercise...
I want to cook, eat out
and then cook again.
I want to go home and feel my dog
sleeping like a warm pillow on my feet.
I want to love my friends
and know they'll be there.

Happiness, it's all I want!

1 comment:

Lindyem said...

I love all this! I want it too! except I would add "I want to spend atleast an hour hanging out with or talking to my twin everyday!" :)