November 09, 2010

cut the crap.

What is college about exactly?

We're put here to learn obviously, but what else are we here to do?

We make friends.
But first we have to pick them out. We roam our eyes around the crowd and spot someone with a friendly face or an outfit that looks quote "normal".
We pick and choose who we want to trust and sometimes who we chose to trust in the beginning may not turn out to be a friend in the end

But occasionally someone we find will stick around
and if we're lucky, they'll be a friend for the rest of our life.

College is a journey.

Are we put here to follow the strictest rules and guidelines or are we put here to experience life?

Sometimes I just want to experience it all - every piece of it.

I like to imagine what life would be like free from morals or restraints.
It would be gritty and hard to swallow but it would be exciting

Was I put here to live the cookie cutter lifestyle that was set in front of me
or was I put here to reach out and touch the world with my own two hands?

College has brought about a lot of decisions for me.

Is it better to spend your time in a christian bubble or befriend the people that you genuinely have fun with and care about?

To be honest, what good does a christian circle of friends do when the second you're with them they bring you down just as much as the so called "sinner".

What good are they when you feel you can't have fun with them because they don't understand you're humor or the fact that spending time with christians 24/7 is not what we were put here to do.

Should I hold my morals strong and walk through life with my eyes on my feet never daring to step outside the line

or should I experience what it means to have no inhibitions?

I need to not only say that I have strong values but prove that they ARE STRONG because they are constantly being put to the test.

College is about judgement.
That's what they're doing. Those people in the library, the ones in crossroads and in the dining hall.

We're all doing it essentially. That's what we're here to do.
To judge whether or not we want to start up a conversation with you
and get to know you
and break down that wall of fake smiles and lame conversation and




They're out there people.
The friends that you REALLY want.
The ones that make you laugh until you cry and appreciate your sarcasm.

Someone who will love you no matter your beliefs, whiny voice, short attention span or scary background.

Someone who will drop everything to come pick you up.
Someone who doesn't care if you make mistakes.
Someone who loves you even if you make stupid decisions, but is willing to say " hey, you're right, that WAS stupid". 

Someone who is gonna say it straight.

I think what college is telling us is "cut the crap".

Make a real friend, get uncomfortable, mess up, learn about yourself.

This is your chance.  

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Lindy said...

your are such a good writer, twin! I LOVED this post and obviously you know I feel the exact same way. I miss you!