November 29, 2010

will the real slim shady please stand up?

I wrote a rap - Eminem style...
yeah, you heard me right.

We're actually pretty similar...


You speak, I see your words
the ones you swore I heard.
but what I prefer is to find a cure, 
for the lines to blur
cause what we had  was never sure 
but the cup is pourin' over too fast
erase the past, drown our pain
was it worth the fight for you to gain 
my hate? This time we'll have to wait
for the track to lay cause
were running in a figure eight
and the planes thats comin's left the gate 
across my heart - it blocked you from the start
now you did your part - tore my life apart
you've got it down to a fine art
but I'm too smart to let you in.
It'd be a sin to light within
the fire you ignited once again. 
But still I hear your voice
yet with you my only choice is to catch a plane
so I must rejoice of freedom 
from your brutal reign- of love in vain 
that tortured pain but the blow
to my pride has me insane. I'm lost
and the price of loss is a cost I'd never cross
it's frost from the chill your touch has thrilled
but the metled ice has my cup refilled
  I'm full and I'm staying strong
I'm flyin' right along - 
now the air is right your touch is wrong- 
why rhyme fresh words
to an old school song? I'm gone, I don't belong
though the love we had was long
I'll be in flight - take to the night
I'd curse your life but I'm too polite
so with this plight
 I'll take my flight
and leave you burnin' blazin' bright.

I didn't really know 
how to end it but there ya go.

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