November 11, 2010

random facts.

you may not have known...

I love seeing funny movies. The hangover, best of Will Ferrell, I love it all. I kind of have a perverted sense of humor. I even like family guy. Seriously, laughing is one of my favorite things to do. I laugh a lot like to the point where my eyes start to water uncontrollably. 

Random fact - in middle school I used to get in trouble for laughing because I would have random fits of laughter that I seriously could not control. They took over and they've started to come back! AH!

I love taking a baths. I put on some John Mayer or Michael Buble and just sit there..ahh, yes.

Random fact - getting out of the bath and stepping onto the cold tile is one of my least favorite things to do. BRRR! I wish I could get picked up, wrapped like an enchilada like when I was little.

I love brand new little puppies and their bellies. I don't know why but they're so cute and I love how soft they are like Rocky was when I got him for Christmas. 

Random fact - I pretty much begged for a dog my sophomore year Christmas. My parents COMPLETELY surprised me and carried him down wrapped up in this Santa hat. 

I love that feeling when you wake up on a day when you know you can sleep in so you stretch, sigh, cuddle back up and casually decide to go back to sleep.

Random fact - My ears have to be covered when I'm going to sleep or else I can't fall asleep.

I love that victory "yeah, I'm awesome" feeling when you score in a sport. I'm not the most athletic person ever but there is nothing like that feeling when you make a basket, get a run, or add anything to the score for that matter.

Random fact - I'm left handed but I bat and catch with my right hand in softball 

I love looking cute. If I dress cute it puts me in a better mood because I feel more confident.

Random fact - I wear black A LOT because I have hyperhydrosis
 (aka I sweat WAY more than anyone should). 
It grosses a lot of people out but I'm I can't help it and I'm used to it by now so if it creeps you out then don't hang out with me k? cool :)

I actually love to cry. It relieves stress, makes me sleep better, makes me relax and sometimes you just need to do it.

Random fact - for a girl, I don't cry very easily. I don't know why I guess it's because I'm not very sympathetic (which sounds bad but its the truth). If I see someone crying that I care for though, that'll probably make me cry. 

I love rap music. I like to memorize the words because I'm a dork that way I can rap along with the song. 

Random fact - people call me white chocolate. 
just kidding...
but really.

I love group dances. YMCA, Cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, electric slide, line dances or all dancing along to Party in the USA. There's nothing like an entire group of people acting like a bunch of morons doing really easy dance moves. SO much fun.

Random fact - I have hidden dance skillz. You're lucky if you've ever seen my moves.
(this is everyone dancing at Ashley and John's wedding)

just a little bit about me...


Lindy said...

random fact: I love how I already know all this stuff about you! ha! And I love reading your blog because it makes me feel like I'm just a litttttttle bit closer to you then 4 hours! <3 you!

Ashley said...

What up White Chocolate? : )