November 27, 2010

mood medicine.

"On a bad day 
have mood swings - 
but on a good day
 I have the whole 
mood playground"

Lets just be real, I can get in a bad mood pretty easily. I took a personality test a couple days ago and it told me I was drawn to sadness and self sabotage. Ummm let's hope that's not true! 

But anyway here are just a few things that (without fail ) can get me out of a bad mood.

1. Riding in the car with your music cranked up super loud and beautiful weather can fix a lot (as long as I'm not tense from scary traffic)

When I was on my way home for Thanksgiving I was seriously having such a good time just being by myself, driving through the beautiful mountains and then passing the sun shining off of Lake Norman with a good playlist on my iPod. I had some country music going, some backstreet boys, rapped a little bit, belted out some ballads and it didn't matter because I was all alone didn't have a care in the world. I really needed that drive home just to get a break for a couple hours.

2. Starbucks. Oh, coffee.

3. It's also such a good feeling to see old friends. Even after a long time apart you can still have awesome conversations and you still have stuff in common and lots to talk about. It's just a nice feeling to have people that even if you don't see them for a while you can still talk as if you see them all the time.

4. Family is better than anything. I loved seeing my grandparents and giving them big hugs and my sweet little cousins. Just goofing around, playing card games, decorating the tree, it's so relaxing and you just get to be yourself around your family. My Dad went and got us the new kinect xbox dance game and I like cried laughing watching my Mom and Dad dance. It was hilarious.

So anywho... 
all I'm saying is 
don't let a bad mood ruin your day!
 Find a way to get out of it. 
Good music, good coffee or good people - sometimes that's all you need!

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Lindy said...

That picture of the car made me laugh cus it looks so much like yours driving through boone haha! I miss you and had alot of fun being home with you! :) love you!