January 15, 2011


So tonight I had nothing to do except eat a tuna sandwich and watch the movie Honey on E!
And after an afternoon with Lori and Caroline talking about how we should great a Girls Just Wanna Have Fun / craft club I decided to do a "craft" myself!

I don't know if any of ya'll ever look at the website PS I made this but it has so much cool stuff on it! She takes decorations, accessories or clothing items that she likes on celebrities or that she sees in stores and makes her own cheaper version of it!

Since I love scarves I decided to make a fringe scarf for myself!

All you need is an old shirt and scissors. It was so easy and it turned out really cute! Here is the finished product (I realize I look pretty lame in this picture but at least it shows off the scarf!)

So if you're bored, might as well go get your fringe on!

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Lindy said...

fun! that websites really neat :)