January 17, 2011

poetry assignment numero dos.

For my second poetry assignment we had to write a fill in the blank poem about advice to writers. Wow what a bounty of creative freedom we've been given so far! (sarcasm)

But any-who, here's mine! 

(the bold words are the words I was given and the normal words are the ones I "filled in the blank")

A Writer’s Jungle

Even if it keeps you up all night,
type until the tips of your fingers go numb
and don’t forget to look both ways before composing a syllable.

Check your grammar as if the most savage of professors were on his way.
Quickly turn letters in your head believing that intimidation is the source of inspiration.

The more you caffeinate, the more brilliant
your writing will be, so do not hesitate to take
to the coffee bean trees, to discover the undersides
of mugs or refill your cup until the energizing drink has become
a river rapidly pouring into your mouth.

When you find your way back to the reality of a deadline
and a perspiring panic has slowly set in
you will behold in the light of dawn
the immaculate altar of your desk,
a dry and safe haven in the middle of a homework swamped world. 

From a small vase, bravely lift
a yellow pencil, the sharpest of the autographical blades
and cover the pages with lead laden sentences
like long rows of ants
that followed you in from the literary jungle. 

1 comment:

Lindy said...

i liked this alot!! the line about the ants was my favorite :) and btw you wrote "and the normal words i the ones i" not are haha just thought id let you know