January 20, 2011

trying to find the silver lining.

This week has just not been as good as it could've been. It wasn't bad necessarily it just wasn't awesome.

I wish I could pack up my stuff and hop on a train across the country and read for hours while looking out the window with Michael Buble' huming in my ears.

Then stop in New York and get an endless cup of coffee.

Fly to Minneapolis and visit the mall of America.

Stop in Montana and look up at the big blue sky.

Travel to Vail Colorado and watch the snow fall.

Talk to strangers and, for once, only focus on making myself happy.

 I'm already so tired of homework. My classes require a lot of my time outside of class. But I applied to the comm department finally so hopefully I will get in soon!

This week has made me want to punch a wall. I haven't been able to sleep and I can't sit still without feeling like I need to be doing something.

Life is just "asd;lajs;lealkjdaljksd right now

At least my 3:30 class today was canceled!

trying to find the silver lining...


Lindyem said...

Everything will all work out :) I saw this quote on a blog the other day and thought it was really good... "as much as you want to plan things out, sometimes God has different plans for you and you just have to be along for the ride" even if it seems frustrating and annoying at the time! I love you a WHOLE lot twinla! <3

Chloe` said...

when you are hopping off your train in NYC to get that endless cup of coffee you know where to come :) I miss you laura!!!