January 02, 2011

his turn

So I realize this poem is extremely cheesy and it sounds like a 5th grader could have written it but it's what I'm feeling and I feel like other girls can relate to it so I don't really care haha

The Waiting Game

Waiting, I know he's out there
I'm just not yet prepared.
Another day has passed without him
but I'm not the slightest bit despaired.

My days are spent hoping,
watching couples hand in hand
but to me another day is just
a timer full of sand.

I've rolled my dice to find him
so now he has the turn.
Each path I'm freely walking down
is another chance to learn.

Though pressure from the ones who care
is pressing in my head
you can't speed up the hands of time
no matter what words are said.

I keep my chin up waiting
and my standards higher too
I won't throw away dates with guys
if there'll be no follow through.

Though sometimes I want to give it up
and wash my hopes down the drain,
a broken heart means broken dreams
and tears falling like the rain.

I'll spend my days with company
until we finally meet
and we'll laugh and smile and bide our time
until my wait's complete. 

 So the seat is empty next to me
until he finally nears
but being alone in this crazy world
is the least of all my fears. 

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