January 05, 2011

nerd 4 lyfe

I'm such a nerd.

I'm actually excited to start classes again!
I don't really know why because normally by Wednesday after I've gone to all of my classes a least once, I am completely over the excited part of it.

But I'm REALLY excited about my poetry class (nerd alert) and the fact that I have fridays off! You just can't beat a long weekend, people. 

Anywho, one of my goals that I left off my list a few days ago is to spend more time on campus this semester. I feel like I missed out on a lot of friendship time being in my apartment constantly. And now, since I have 4 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will definitely be able to be on campus more and grab lunch & coffee with my friends during breaks.

I don't know what it is but I'm feeling really positive and excited for this semester which is rare for me haha! So I hope it can live up to this excited nerdy school girl feeling I have in my stomach when I think about it. I kind of feel like something new and exciting is going to happen or something...

But If not I'll just chalk it up to being that anxious first day feeling like I used to get before I put on a book-bag twice my size and headed for the halls of elementary school.

But here's to hoping this semester is all I dream it to be...

nerd 4 lyfe. 

peace out....

rock on. 

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Ashley said...

I think the difference between you and a real nerd is that real nerds don't know they're nerds. At least the ones I know aren't aware. It's sad, really. But I love ya. Like a bro and sis in Christ.