January 21, 2011

pizza & cheering up

So, I've been in my pajamas the entire day (always a good thing)

I don't have friday classes so I took a bath, read a little bit, ate vegetable noodle soup, watched TV and consumed way too many animal crackers.

Megan came over to eat dinner and watch a movie and the only time I "left my apartment" the entire day was to let her in and to get the pizza from a really friendly delivery guy

and then I proceeded to eat 4 slices of it.

You just can't beat hungry howies and their flavored crust. 

I think next time I may just order a large crust. 

Anyway, I love megan. She is so sweet and always helps me cheer up and today I was in need of some SERIOUS cheering up.

But pretty much this entire day has consisted of being lazy and eating... and I'm totally not complaining!

Here's to an even better day tomorrow!

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