January 30, 2011

thoughts about life.

Every day I'm struck by how fast life moves.
Life's confusing. It's not about the number of friends you have. It's not about the plans you make over the weekend. It's not about how many nights you can get so trashed that you don't even remember them. It's not about how you feel when you look in the mirror, how loud you can yell or if you have fridays off from class.

It's about singing in the car with the windows down. It's about living for a purpose. It's about friendships based on respect, love and mutual values. It's about being an example for your beliefs. It's about mexican for dinner and Reese sundaes for desert. It's about going to the parkway and seeing God's creation. Waking up to rain but keeping a positive attitude. Jumping in the puddles that are left in your path. It's about wearing your coziest sweatshirt and hugging every time you get the chance. It's about standing your ground and staying classy. Drinking coffee that's mostly creamer. Traveling the world. Laughing until you cry and making it a habit. It's about having a list of standards for a future boyfriend and not giving up on them. It's about talking about every aspect of your day and not keeping secrets. It's about forgiving and choosing who to value and recognizing who values you. 

Life's confusing, but that's just life. 

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Maddox14 said...

Hey I really liked this post faggoli just thought I would stop by and say people are still reading what your writing and its really good!